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Our platform is the most common andeasiest way to start yourbrand

Getthe necessaryinfrastructure support from us at Ambika Recharge Solution and yetpromote your ownbusiness brand with a 100% white label business model. Intoday’s age ofdynamic business partnerships, our white label program is justthe fuel youneed to fire up your growth. Rather than building the solution fromscratch,how about leveraging our deep domain experience and using it to growquickly?The sustainable business model picks on our experience and superiortechnologyto deliver exceptional advantages to your business.

Ourmulti recharge white labelwebsite, multi recharge white label portal, multirecharge white labelsoftware, mobile recharge white label website, mobilerecharge white labelportal, mobile recharge white label software, moneytransfer white labelwebsite, money transfer white label portal, money transferwhite label softwareis the most used platform for starting prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance), domestic money transfer business.This is a great platformparticularly for those with a low spending plan. Itlets you setup your name inmulti services business domain effortlessly and inno time.

Weat Ambika Recharge Solution bragof developing the leading white label websitein the industry. Our white labelwebsite is fully integrated and extremelypowerful. With the white labelwebsite at Ambika Recharge Solution, you canwithout much of a stretchprevail with regards to addressing the requirements ofyour customers. We offeryou the opportunity to have a single point access tothe day to daytransactions of your consumer. These day to day transactionsinclude all prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance), domestic money transfer andmore services that yourconsumer uses.

Ourwhite label websiteprovides you all latest features trending in the industry.You can customizethe platform using the various options that are being offeredto you byAmbika Recharge Solution. Our solutions make it simpler for prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments(electricity, landline, gas,insurance), domestic money transfer andmuch more.

Howour white label partnershipspells success for your business?

End toend technologysupport -From set up and deployment tomaintenance and upgrade, we provide the necessarytech support to grow yourbusiness. We take care of account management, servicemanagement, and productupgrades.

Holisticwhite labelbranding -You can integrate your own corporate colors, these, andlogo so that thesolution is consistent with your overall brand personality.This way yourcustomers can associate your services with your own brand andthus build aprominent and popular business.

Stockmaintenance madeeasy -You can rely on us to maintain optimum stock levels sothat you can avoidproblems of over-stocking or under-stocking. Thecomprehensive inventorymanagement lets you focus solely on what you do best –i.e. grow your business beyondyour competition with your smart work.

Versatilityofofferings -Be it mobile or data card recharges, utility billpayment (DTH, gas,electricity, or landline bill pay), or postpaid mobile billpayment, our whitelabel offering lets you work with a number of opportunitiesas per yourpreference.

Therewill be no need to testthe business model or prepare the groundwork, when ourwhite label arrangementis available for you. Associate with us and benefit fromthe fastest growingwhite label platform. Our white label platform allows you:

Easy to start, youwill get your white label within 24 hours.

You get ready madepanel for your retailers, distributors.

No specializedexpertise or team required to overseeprogramming.

Cost effective incomparison with developing your ownsoftware/interface.

Free server andhosting facility.

Developed on cloudwith the most innovative & up to datetechnologies one solution with prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance), domestic money transfer.

Start for yourrecharge solution business with no hugeinvestment.

It is instant, soquick and simple to brand.

Dedicated admin portalto deal with your dealers, distributorsand resellers.

Recharge services forall major mobile service providers.

Strong backendsupport.

Great service 24x7round the clock.

Drive more customersto your website who are searching forutility services.

Hassle free set upwithout the need of any maintenance charges.

Ready mobileapplications for your customers.

Complete white labelsolution, no backlinks of us.

Inbuilt support toolsto give better support of your customers.

Enhanced admin paneland applications.

Free of cost SMS &Email alert integration.

It enables you to concentrateon your business' core competency.

Fast balancetransfers, even on Sundays & holidays.