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Inorder to enable wider outreachand broader coverage of our services, we atAmbika Recharge Solutionare lookingfor dynamic entrepreneurs who want to stepup their game and enter a lucrativedistributorship business opportunity. Availof better ROI in your business ascompared to other FMCG products. Our easy tomanage system enables you toconveniently monitor and keep track of the submerchants under your network,provides up-to-date book keeping and preciseaccounting system. Theseadvantages thusly, gives you more opportunity to focuson generating morebusiness and leave the bothers of daily operations to ourautomated softwaresystem.

AmbikaRecharge Solutionisalways vigilant for yearning ambitious businessmen who thinkbeyond practicalboundaries and willing to join our Pan-India network and becomea businesspartner with us. By converging with Ambika Recharge Solutionactivemonitoringsoftware tool, you can get rid of the bothers of accounting,monitoring andavail of 24x7 technical support. So, if you aim to own alucrativetechnological business in prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance), domestic money transfer distribution.

Asa new age distributor of ourservices and solutions, you get to play a biggerrole in our success and berewarded for it. The ‘low investment, high returns’is an attractive plus pointthat makes us a preferred provider for yourdistributorship business. Check outthe below advantages when you start adistribution business for Ambika Recharge Solution:

  • Allows you to expandand grow your existing business line andenhance your product portfolio
  • Ideal partnershipopportunity for a work-from-home entrepreneur
  • You can utilize yourlocal network to enhance your productivityefficiently and exponentially add toyour revenue network
  • Reduces inventorydependence and augment sales, efficiency andturnover
  • Achieve a competitiveadvantage with an enhanced product linethat brings you good revenues