Utility Bill Payment

General utility bills offerawesome convenience in one’s life by giving basic services to customers. Acustomer subscribes to, and devours services of, various general utilityservice providers such as postpaid mobile, electricity, landline phone, gas orinsurance. These utility services have be paid on time to enable the customersto appreciate continuous service. Imagine the inconvenience one needs toexperience for paying different providers, at different places, at differentdue dates. Well, this is about to become the least of your worries, as Ambika Recharge Solution brings to youa single window bill clearing utility through which you can pay all you utilitybills at one place right from the comforts of your computer or smartphone.

This service is presentlyavailable at all major cities in India through our consistently growing networkof major utility service providers. Our online system enables you to make useof the powerful world of internet to log on to our site and do payments formajor utility service providers all over the country. You would now be able toget the superb convenience of whenever, wherever pay bills through our easy touse portal, that not only offers a simple interface, but a sturdy and secureonline transaction module with industry standard security systems to protectyour money.

At Ambika Recharge Solution we help you set up a full-fledged utilitybill payment business for your region and area. We operate on a pan-India basisand have the infrastructure to let you run a successful utility bill paymentventure. You can collect utility bills for your customers for providers likeBSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, and Tata. You can set up the venture topay bills for state electricity boards, cooking gas, insurance, landline, andpostpaid mobile bills.